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Students of online video journalism course receive scholarship for exclusive workshop at YouTube Space Rio

October 26, 2017

Producing effective video stories for digital platforms was the main theme of the massive open online course (MOOC) "Video journalism: Visual narratives for digital platforms." It’s also what the ten students from the course who were selected to participate in an exclusive workshop with the team at YouTube Space in Rio de Janeiro tried to express in […]

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Laura Zommer

Knight Center offers new free course in Spanish, "Fact-checking and data journalism." Register now!

October 12, 2017

The number of fact-checking initiatives in Latin America increased from just three in 2014 to 14 in 2017, following a worldwide trend of information verification. And yet, while the verification of public discourse increases on a global level, the world has also seen the proliferation of “fake news” and misinformation. The next free online course from […]

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Product Management For Journalists

Take the online course 'Product Management for Journalists' and learn about a new, in demand role in newsrooms

September 19, 2017

In recent years, newsrooms in the United States and other countries have created new positions such as “product manager,” “director of product” and “chief product officer.” Last April, at the Knight Center’s International Symposium on Online Journalism (ISOJ), a "product director" for The New York Times and a "director of product" for the Washington Post spoke on […]

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immersive journalism

Explore immersive journalism: Sign up for Knight Center’s new online course in Spanish on VR and 360 video

September 7, 2017

From journeys to Mars to environmental disasters in Brazil, immersive storytelling has been explored in recent years by journalists looking for new ways to bring the world (and universe) to their audiences. To help more journalists explore these new technologies, the Knight Center is offering the Spanish-language massive open online course (MOOC) “Introduction to Immersive Journalism: Virtual Reality and 360 Video.” […]

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Knight Center MOOC program reaches new milestone with more than 100,000 students from 171 countries

August 29, 2017

With the recent conclusion of three simultaneous massive open online courses (MOOCs), the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas has reached an important milestone in its innovative distance learning program. As of this month, the Center has served more than 100,000 students around the world. In less than five years, since launching its first […]

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Heather Krause

Sign up for the online course "Crafting Data Stories" and get your backstage pass to the data journalism process

August 22, 2017

Data is powerful. Journalists can use it to help readers understand complex issues, to hold power to account, to expose trends and emerging situations and show the diversity of views and opinions in their communities. That’s the message from Heather Krause, instructor of the Knight Center’s upcoming course “Crafting Data Stories: A Hands-on, Step-by-step Workshop […]

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Video journalism for digital platforms: enrollment open for new online course in Portuguese

July 7, 2017

Producing engaging journalistic videos is a way to differentiate yourself on new platforms and engage the audience. But what do you need to know to make better use of the power of videos in the digital marketplace? To help professionals and journalism students answer this question, the Knight Center for Journals in the Americas, in […]

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Sign up now for our new online course on data journalism: "Python for Data Journalists: Analyzing Money in Politics"

July 7, 2017

Data journalists are the newest rock stars of the newsroom. Using computer programming and data journalism techniques, they have the power to cull through big data to find original and important stories. Learn these techniques and some savvy computer programming to produce your own bombshell investigations in the latest massive open online course (MOOC) from […]

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Learn how to fight fake news: sign up for the first massive course in Portuguese for fact checking

May 3, 2017

Checking information has always been a key part of journalism. However, with social networks and the speed with which stories and public discourse – false and true – are spread, the role of the fact checker has become even more crucial to separating fact from fiction. In order to expand the knowledge of fact checking […]

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International Legal Framework for Freedom from Expression

New online course in Spanish on the international legal framework for freedom of expression will be offered in May

February 22, 2017

More than 3,000 judges and other justice system operators in Latin America have been trained in the last three years through the Spanish-language online course “International Legal Framework on freedom of expression, access to public information and protection of journalists.” A new version of this course has just been announced and will be offered starting May 8, […]

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