Instructor-Led Courses

The Knight Center’s Journalism Courses program offers two kinds of training: Instructor-led courses that are available during a specific time-frame (usually four to six weeks) and self-directed courses. For the instructor-led courses, students need to register themselves in the courses and then they gain access to the learning materials and can interact with other students and the instructor(s) while the course is taking place.

How to use ChatGPT and other generative AI tools in your newsrooms

During this four-week massive open online course, which will be held from Sept. 25 to Oct. 22, students will learn about the types of artificial intelligence that can be leveraged across news operations, how to implement and work with this technology, and how the next few years might unfold for the technology and industry.

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Cómo usar ChatGPT

Cómo usar ChatGPT y otras herramientas de IA generativa en tu redacción

Bienvenidas y bienvenidos al nuevo MOOC “Cómo utilizar ChatGPT y otras herramientas de IA generativa en tu redacción”, que se realizará del 25 de Septiembre al 22 de Octubre de 2023.

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Como usar o ChatGPT

Como usar o ChatGPT e outras ferramentas de IA generativa na sua redação

Neste curso, você vai aprender os princípios básicos de como a AI tecnologia funciona, como ela pode ser utilizada na redação em que você trabalha, além de outras questões relacionadas, como implicações éticas a serem consideradas.

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Curso "O Marco Jurídico Internacional da Liberdade de Expressão"

O Marco Jurídico Internacional da Liberdade de Expressão, Acesso à Informação e Proteção de Jornalistas

Neste curso, você vai aprender quais são as normas jurídicas que, no plano internacional e interno, buscam garantir a liberdade de expressão e de imprensa, como essas normas se comunicam e como devem ser interpretadas/aplicadas. 

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Self-Directed Courses

Our self-directed courses are open to anyone and the learning materials from them are available in an ongoing, self-paced way.

solutions journalism self-directed course

Solutions Journalism: New ways of elevating your reporting and engaging audiences

In this course, you will the key principles of solutions journalism. What is it? What is it not? Why is it important? And how to make it happen, from idea to reporting to completed story.

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Explain this! How explanatory journalism informs and engages audiences

In this course, you will learn techniques and formats for adding background and context to the news to help readers make sense of the daily outpouring of news, as well as to fight misinformation.

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Gestão de produtos jornalísticos: Como adotar o “product thinking” na sua redação

Este curso ficaremos em estratégias para promover hábitos saudáveis nos meios de comunicação.

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Periodistas y salud mental: Cómo cuidarnos y promover una profesión saludable

En este curso nos centraremos en estrategias para promover hábitos saludables en los medios de comunicación

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Marco Jurídico Internacional

‘International Framework of Freedom of Expression:’ Knight Center’s next online course in Portuguese

Journalists, lawyers, judges and other judicial operators are invited to the free massive open online course (MOOC) “The International Framework of Freedom of Expression, Access to Information and Protection of Journalists” in Portuguese, organized by the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas thanks to support from UNESCO. Free registration will be open during the […]...


Mark your calendars: ISOJ will celebrate its 25th anniversary in April 2024 with a special global hybrid conference

The International Symposium on Online Journalism (ISOJ) will celebrate 25 years of discussions on the present and future of digital journalism on April 12 – 13, 2024. Since 1999, this unique hybrid annual conference has brought together hundreds of journalists, media executives, scholars and students both online and in person at the University of Texas at Austin....


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